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Get the perfect generator for your home or business

Storms in the recent past have caused power outages for multiple days. Spoiled groceries and no heat are no fun!  Waldman Electrical Contractors has a variety of stand-by generators for home or business .      

Our generators have the following features:

Cummins generator Generator outside the building Cummins Onan Generac waldman-electrical-contractors-hero

Serving Berks County and surrounding areas.


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-Can be used in new construction or retro fitted for an existing building

-Powered by natural gas or can be configured for propane

-Automatically start when power is interrupted

-User friendly controls

-Weather resistant enclosures

The generators  are permanently installed outside similar to an air conditioning unit. They work with a matched UL listed automatic transfer switch that responds within seconds when the utility power is lost. The transfer switch senses the loss of utility power and automatically starts the generator. Power is supplied to all pre-selected lights, appliances and equipment.


An important part of the system  is the transfer switch that automatically responds  when  the power  is interrupted. When  power is restored,  the switch reverses the process and shuts down the generator.


Waldman Electrical Contractors recommends Cummins Onan and Generac generators. These manufacturers  give us the flexibility to offer  the right generator  for the specific  application. We are authorized sales and service for Cummins Onan and Generac generators.


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