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Protect Your Property & Electronic Equipment

Every year lightning destroys millions of dollars of property and sensitive electronic equipment. More time and money is lost on production lines through down time while repairs are made. Let Waldman Electrical Contractors design the right system to protect your home, business, barn ,  farm equipment and trees. Waldman  Electrical Contractors offers a variety of lightning protection equipment to meet your individual needs.


We install only quality lightning protection systems that meet the highest industry standards. Our  residential and commercial systems can be installed in either new construction or retrofitted into existing buildings.



Serving Berks County and surrounding areas.


Family owned and operated since 1918.



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Power surges can occur from a lightning strike or any interruption of power.   Appliances and electrical equipment can be damaged.   Over time, repeated small power surges will shorten the life of your appliances and degrade your electronic equipment.  Waldman electrical contractors offers a variety of surge protection systems for your home or business.


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