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Emergency Power Made Easy With a Manual Transfer Switch


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Eliminate the Hassle of Extension Cords During a Power Outage


Manual transfer switches allow you to harness the full power of your portable generator and safely deliver it directly to your home’s electrical system. This allows you to back up your most critical appliances without running extension cords. And you can back up hard-wired appliances, like your furnace or well pump. Added convenience when you need it most.

Portable Generator  Select Circuit Transfer Switches  

Select-circuit transfer switches allow you to choose 6 to 16 select household circuits to power during an outage. If your needs change and later you choose to power more, your installer can easily expand the transfer switch by just adding more circuit breakers. Ideal for powering your furnace blower (gas or oil only), refrigerator and kitchen circuits, well pump, water heater, lights, security system, garage door opener and television. The enclosure can be surface or flush mounted indoors next to an existing electrical panel in a basement, interior room or garage. Accommodates Arc fault and GFCI breakers to meet current code requirements. Wattmeters help you balance generator loads to prolong engine life. UL Listed in USA and Canada.